VIA Folio Processes Closing for Myomo, the First Exchange-Traded Reg A+ IPO

MCLEAN, VA, June 27, 2017VIA Folio is pleased to announce that it has processed the closing of Myomo’s Reg A+ IPO, the first of its kind to be traded on a national exchange.

“We are pleased to be the clearing broker-dealer for Myomo's Reg A+ IPO, supporting TriPoint Global Equities/BANQ, who acted as underwriters and managers for the offering. Folio’s integrated, online brokerage, custody and clearing platform has processed hundreds of subscriptions for Myomo’s first closing,” said Blaine McLaughlin, chief operating officer of VIA Folio. “We congratulate the Myomo team for bringing the first Reg A+ IPO for trading on a national exchange.”

VIA Folio worked closely with TriPoint Global Equities/BANQ, four other clearing firms, 11 introducing broker-dealers, the DTCC, V-Stock Transfer and many others to process the closing.

“The Myomo offering was pioneering, and sets the stage for small-cap issuers to access the capital markets in the modern age of U.S. capital formation,” said Mark Elenowitz, CEO of TriPoint Global Equities. “We are pleased that VIA Folio could contribute to the convergence of Wall Street meeting Main Street.”

Alternative investing platforms, such as ALTZ Investment Strategies, BANQ, Boustead Securities and Cambria Capital, have chosen to work with VIA Folio to attract investors and to widen access to alternative assets, such as Reg D private debt and equity, private funds, unlisted REITs and Reg A+ IPOs. In addition, these platforms and private issuers have used Folio’s innovative brokerage platform to conduct many escrow-less closings. (Read more here.)

McLaughlin added, “VIA Folio understands the intricacies of Reg A+ offerings, having recently supported closings for Keystone Solutions, HC Government REIT and Medalist Diversified REIT. Also, we are working with the issuers of several other Reg A+ offerings that are still in the SEC qualification process. We look forward to working with more issuers and intermediaries to help raise capital for innovative companies.”

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