Why Did They Choose Folio?

Validea began working with Folio a decade ago, after deciding that, with Folio, it could build, deploy and manage client portfolios more inexpensively and efficiently than it could with other firms.

End-to-end functionality was paramount for Validea because the firm's strategy entails rebalancing client portfolios every 28 days. Using Folio's platform, Validea can update, sync, and rebalance its models in all accounts with just a few clicks.


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"This is a huge, time-saving advantage for the firm, when following systematic models like we do. Folio's trading costs are far lower on a per trade basis than other firms we have considered."

John Reese, Validea Co-Founder

Folio Understands Customer Service

High-quality customer service is a big reason why Validea has stuck with Folio through the years, said Justin Carbonneau, Validea Capital managing partner and chief compliance officer. Folio's dedicated relationship management team knows Validea's business, and it addresses Validea's problems expeditiously and competently.

"They are a very efficient group and they quickly resolve things on the spot," Carbonneau said. "This client-centric approach is very important to Validea." 

Carbonneau gave Folio Institutional high marks for its responsiveness during Validea's SEC audit a few years ago. Folio's relationship management team knows that such exams are a high priority for all advisors.  They pulled together the necessary data Validea needed in plenty of time, he said.

"When you have SEC examiners asking for detailed trading data across all client accounts, you need to know you have a brokerage partner that can deliver."

Folio's Performance Reporting an Asset to Validea

Folio's performance reporting functionality also continues to impress Validea, Carbonneau said. Having a built-in way to track performance is imperative, Carbonneau said, so that Validea can track accurately the real returns of its portfolios in all the different accounts.

Describing Folio's performance feature as "a hidden gem," Carbonneau said it has saved Validea from having to invest in and manage costly, add-on software. Validea uses Folio's performance reporting to track gross and net returns for all its models, enabling it to use actual money-management returns in its marketing materials.

Folio Evolves and Validea Deepens Client Relationships

Folio has routinely rolled out smartly designed features, such as its Advisor Dashboard, that helps Validea better serve its clients, Validea co-founder John Reese explained, "The developments on Folio's brokerage platform are fantastic."

Jack Forehand, co-founder of Validea Capital, believes Folio's trading platform helped it to venture into this space.

"Validea Capital believes the best way to outperform the market is to learn from great investors and capture their stock picking methods with fundamental-based computer models," Forehand said. "The Folio Institutional platform allows us to focus on what we do best."

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John Reese and Jack Forehand founded Validea Capital Management in 2003 as an independent investment research firm, designing portfolio management models drawn from the work of legendary investors Warren Buffet, Ben Graham, and Peter Lynch.

When Reese and Forehand ventured into managing investments some two years later, they needed an innovative provider to be successful. They turned to Folio for a turnkey, web-based interface that gave them efficient client service good value, great technology and the tools they needed, plus more.

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