Real Estate Issuers Need Online, Alternative Investing Processes to Thrive Says VIA Folio’s Blaine McLaughlin

MCLEAN, VA, November 6, 2017Blaine McLaughlin, chief operating officer of VIA Folio, says it’s time for real estate issuers to move away from the traditional capital raising process and use online brokerage technology. McLaughlin, who recently spoke at the IPA Vision 2017 Conference, said investors have embraced technology in every other aspect of their lives, so real estate issuers must now meet them on their own terms.

“Too many real estate issuers are following a capital raising process that the online brokerage industry upended 20 years ago,” said McLaughlin. “These issuers should break from convention and embrace an online alternative investment process, such as Reg A+, Reg D or S-3 capital raising. VIA Folio has worked with several real estate issuers who have successfully raised capital without a transfer agent, paper-based documentation and reporting, and wet signatures.”

The additional benefits of using an online, alternative investing process include:

  • Meeting advisors and investors on their own turf. More advisors are using alternative investments to diversify client portfolios and differentiate their business. They and their clients demand an online, easy-to-use, transparent subscription and investment process. Issuers benefit from working with a custody and brokerage platform that has an established advisor base, like Folio.
  • Reaching accredited and non-accredited investors. Issuers that choose to raise capital under the JOBS Act have more flexibility when marketing to investors. In addition, those issuers who use an online platform like VIA Folio’s can streamline the subscription and investing process with features, such as electronic signatures as well as paperless documentation and reporting.
  • Offering different ways to invest. Advisors consider many factors, including security type, before making investment decisions. Issuers that use Folio’s online brokerage technology can choose to offer publicly registered or private securities, including Reg A+, Reg D, S-11 and small-cap Reg A+ IPOs.
  • Lowering investment minimums. For real estate securities issuers, high investment minimums are a necessary evil to keep expenses down. An online brokerage process – where subscription, closing, price reporting, statements and other services are done online – reduces administrative expenses, in turn enabling lower investment minimums.

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