Cost-Effective and Customized Asset Management

Be Your Own Portfolio and Model Manager Model Manager Exchange (MMX) Ready-to-Go FoliosTM
Update, rebalance, and fully control the trading in your own models of equities, mutual funds, ETFs, and/or ETMFs. "Subscribe" your clients to your models and use filters, exclusions, and allocations to tailor each account to your client's needs. License models from third-party portfolio managers, or license your own models to others, found through our MMX. Use our "Ready-to-Go Folios" as starting points for your own models, and customize them as you wish.  Our RTGs have established track records and are free to use.



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Be Your Own Model Manager

Create, update, and rebalance investment models online. We make it easy to create and trade any number of model portfolios—each holding one or potentially hundreds of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and/or ETMFs. With our fractional share capabilities, models can be used with any sized account with no need for a minimum account size just for the model. Eliminate any concern about investing new cash and rebalancing as appropriate with our commission-free trading for a single, low asset-based fee. You can focus on your clients instead of on fees. 

Building and maintaining model portfolios is also efficient and cost effective. Create models that focus on specific sectors, investing styles, or geographic regions. You can build socially responsible investment strategies and, if you want additional help, our affiliates are here for you.  Your clients avoid the additional cost, fees, and uncontrollable tax consequences of funds and ETFs when you build your own stock-based models.

Design a personalized investment profile for each client by creating custom allocations—"models of models"—within an account.  

Account-by-account exclusion capabilities allow for true tailoring of each account to your client's specific and individual needs and preferences while maintaining the benefit of model management.  

Managing your own models allows you to:

  • Easily create, update, and rebalance your models with just a few clicks and implement those changes across all your accounts simultaneously. 
  • Offer the same managed models to accounts of all sizes tailored to their needs using our security exclusions and filters, using our efficient, cost-effective, and scalable dollar-based, fractional-share trading features.
  • Create allocations of multiple models within an account and specify a percentage of funds to invest in each model.
  • "Synchronize" a model and let our platform automatically calculate and execute the individual trades necessary to rebalance the holdings of every account or allocation subscribed to that model.
  • Provide each client on the same side of the market for a security (e.g., all buyers) with the same execution price when their orders executed in a commission-free trading window
  • Measure your models against industry benchmarks with our performance management system, and review a range of model statistics and comparative metrics.

Finally the promise of mass customization is delivered.  

Use Models from Third-Party Managers

Model Manager Exchange (MMX) is a marketplace where advisors on the Folio Institutional platform can license any of hundreds of equity, mutual fund, and ETF models from third-party managers. MMX can help you to expand the range of portfolio models you offer to clients. You also can list your own model portfolios on MMX at no cost, and license them to other advisors.  

Benefits to MMX include: 

  • No client minimum account requirement.
  • Access to models covering a wide range of strategies, created and managed by scores of well-known portfolio managers and boutique firms.
  • The ability to subscribe to MMX models from different managers, and mix and match as needed.
  • Easy subscribing and third-party manager rebalancing of thousands of client accounts, simultaneously, with just a few clicks.
  • Direct access to investment managers to discuss and license their models.
  • The opportunity for you to earn additional revenue by licensing your own models to other advisors through MMX.

A Folio Institutional sales representative can tell you more about the requirements for registering your own models on Folio's MMX.

Take Advantage of Ready-to-Go Folios

Folio Financial® provides more than 100 Ready-to-Go Folios (RTGs)—professionally designed portfolios of equities and ETFs that you can customize to meet the unique needs of your clients. These models are comprised of stocks, ETFs, equity and fixed income mutual funds, and other securities and they cover a wide range of investment strategies. You pay nothing extra to use Folio's RTGs, and there are no account minimums.

View Ready-to-Go Folios.