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Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor since 1988, offers asset management and consulting services to, and through, financial professionals so that individual and institutional investors can align investment decision-making with personal values or institutional missions.

Call it socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, green investing, or impact investing, First Affirmative specializes in helping advisors help clients make money and at the same time, make a difference with their money. Working through a nationwide network of investment professionals, First Affirmative is always seeking advisors to join its network of committed professionals, and can provide a variety of model management, sub-advisory and related services to unaffiliated advisors, broker-dealers and others.  First Affirmative's mission is to help advisors and their clients invest in companies that contribute to a clean, healthy environment, treat people fairly, embrace equal opportunity, produce safe and useful products, and support efforts to promote a more peaceful world. 

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First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Folio Financial®