Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Create and manage your clients' accounts with  model portfolios utilizing our easy-to-use, automated model management system.
    Simultaneously rebalance thousands of accounts to a single model or an allocation of multiple models. 
  • Offer more cost-effective investing to your clients—even "clone your own." 
    Easily invest in diversified portfolios with our dollar-based, fractional-share investing technology. Even clone or make your own mutual fund or ETF-like portfolio, saving costs and fund expenses.
  • Use Model Manager Exchange to license portfolio models of well-known and boutique asset managers, or license your portfolio models to other advisors.
  • Deliver tax savings to your clients with our automated tax-optimization strategies.
    Or provide more targeted results, and potentially lower clients' taxes, using Folio's patented Tax FootballTM tax management tool.
  • Access third-party, private investment offerings on the Folio Institutional platform.
    Consider private securities for clients seeking additional portfolio diversification options.
  •  Enter the future with social, responsible, and impact investing using our filters or with assistance the innovative advisors on our platform.

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