Folio(k)TM: A turnkey 401(k) plan solution built for plan sponsors and participants


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A complete solution. Integrating investment selection, trading, custody, recordkeeping, compliance, billing, and plan administration in a single package, Folio(k) plans are easy to set up and manage for all size plans.

Unlimited investment options.  Folio(k) offerings can be fully tailored to meet the needs of plan sponsors and participants. Our diversified, customizable target date Ready-to-Go portfolios come in different risk levels and are available for use at no extra fee. Other professionally managed models can be licensed from third parties through the Model Manager Exchange.

Efficient and affordable administration. Third Party Administrators (TPAs) can manage participant enrollments, statements, investment requests, and plan reports, and easily connect to us. Our connectivity and APIs make plan contributions and distributions efficient.

Use ETFs and equities, as well as funds—our fractional share trading ability makes it easy. Folio(k) has no minimum account size, and our patented fractional share, dollar-based investing enables consistent investing with greater diversification for all participants.  Our fractional share trading ability lets you build whole portfolios out of ETFs and equities as well as, or instead of, open-end mutual funds.  

No out-of-pocket cost to plan sponsors. Sponsors can choose to pass Folio(k) costs on to participants by charging fees across all plan assets. Or they can pay plan costs themselves and help boost their participants' retirement savings.

Provides fee transparency. Folio(k) discloses its fee structure, providing transparency to advisors, sponsors, and plan participants. Folio(k) charges a single, asset-based fee. Patented window trading allows participant holdings to be added, modified, and updated free from commissions and transaction fees.

Plan Administration

Folio Institutional provides custody for plan assets and a sophisticated brokerage platform designed to help plan fiduciaries easily manage investments. Folio partners with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to manage Folio(k) plans. TPAs can provide all administration, recordkeeping, and compliance reporting services required. 

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