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Folio Financial Launches Robo for Advisors
Financial Advisor IQ

December 10, 2018 – Folio Financial has rolled out a digital wealth management platform aimed at financial advisors and institutions, with built-in flexibility allowing advisors various ways to deploy it, the company says. The new platform aims to offer goal-based financial planning with custom portfolios, the brokerage, custody and fintech firm says in a press release.  More.

Folio Rolls Out Robo Platform for Advisors, Investors

December 6, 2018 – Folio Financial says it has rolled out a new robo-advisor platform for both financial professionals and investors that includes tools for goals-based financial planning and specialized portfolio building.  More.

Folio Financial launches platform to build next generation of robo advice

December 6, 2018 – Folio Financial has a new technology platform that it says will pave the way for the next generation of digital advice.  More.

Shareholder Advocacy with First Affirmative Financial Network's Holly Testa - Impact Financial Planners
AIO Fee Only Financial Planners

The 29th Annual SRI Conference
Paul Ellis Podcast

A fixed-income investor's guide to impact investing

September 10, 2018 – ""What's happening now, at this stage of the game, is you're starting to get a more coherent definition of what a green bond is, and there are some new product offerings," said George Gay, CEO of First Affirmative Financial Network. "There are some green bond ETFs now, where there weren't any two years ago." More.

What Advisers Need to Know About Impact Investing: ESG/SRI
Ultimus Blog

August 21, 2018 – "
Being in SRI...adds an additional filter or conversation point with the client...We encourage advisers to think about SRI as something that enhances – not separates – their expertise, value and customer relationships."  More.

When Does One Become A Socially Responsible Investor?
Green Business Network

August 6, 2018 –
"Every marketing survey shows that women and millennials want to invest with their values. We need to reach out to them and show how to make this a reality, how they can act on their values as investors. SRI is also growing because it’s extending beyond corporate behavior to include federal government public policies."  More.

Muddy Waters
Financial Advisor

August 1, 2018 –
Advisors are not approaching clients about the possibilities, and investors are not acting on their stated desires, says Theresa Gusman, chief investment officer for the First Affirmative Financial Network, a Colorado Springs, Colo., firm specializing in sustainable investing...There are ways to close the gaps, Gusman says. “Transparency needs to be increased,” she says. “Investors need to know the strategy they invested in is actually having an impact or that it does not contain any fossil fuels. Also, advisors and investors need to be better educated about sustainable investing. More.

Swell Launches Impact Investing for FAs, Partners with Folio
Financial Advisor IQ

June 26, 2018 –
Advisors on the Folio Institutional platform get access to Swell’s portfolios through the marketplace Model Manager Exchange, which in turn gives them access to “hundreds” of stock, mutual fund and ETF models from third-party managers. More.

Swell Investing Introduces New Impact Investing Offering for Financial Advisors
Think Advisor

June 25, 2018 –
Through Swell’s partnership with Folio Institutional, clients of the more than 450 firms on Folio’s institutional platform now have access to Swell’s thematic portfolios. More.

Impact housing REIT opens for financial advisers, family offices and investors
Real Assets Adviser

June 20, 2018 –, a social impact REIT, has announced that Impact Housing REIT Series A Investor Shares, priced at $10 per share, is available to financial advisers, wealth managers and family offices by Folio Institutional. More.

Robo-Fueled Segmentation Shows Wealth Management’s Future
Financial Advisor IQ

June 19, 2018 –
Greg Vigrass speaks with Tom Coyle of Financial Advisor IQ about robos and the future of wealth management. More.

Swell Investing launches impact investing offering for financial advisers
Wealth Advisor

June 19, 2018 –
Through Swell's partnership with Folio Institutional, clients of the more than 450 firms on the Folio Institutional platform now have access to Swell's thematic portfolios. More.

Swell Launches Impact Investors for Advisors

June 18, 2018 –
Swell has partnered with Folio Institutional to give clients of the 450 firms using its platform access to Swell’s thematic portfolios.  More.

Two Colorado Springs businesses honored for social benefit
The Gazette

June 7, 2018 –
First Affirmative Financial Network and Mayfly Outdoors, both of Colorado Springs, were both honored Thursday in Boulder along with 44 other Colorado businesses as Best for Colorado and Best for the World among so-called B corporations, or for-profit companies that have a social or charitable benefit.  More.

Advisors Urged to Embrace SRI Investing
Financial Advisor

May 9, 2018 –
Even as investor interest in sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing soars, 65 percent of financial advisors still express little or no interest in the area, according to Theresa Gusman, chief investment officer for First Affirmative Financial Network, a firm based in Colorado Springs, Colo., that specializes in SRI investing. More.

Open APIs as the Key to Growth in WealthTech
Wealth Tech Club

April 17, 2018 –
According to Greg Vigrass, President of Folio Institutional, the API strategy is a huge part of what they do. The company provides a full set of REST APIs that allows third parties to integrate with the platform and get the full functionality of the Folio site. This includes everything from account opening APIs to trading APIs, information on cash movement APIs, etc. More.

Investment Model Marketplaces and Hubs
Aite Group

April 12, 2018 –
Investment models can be combined to create a unique strategy, meet a client goal, or address a tax matter, and they are generated with in-house expertise or third-party experts. In the U.S. in 2017, new model exchanges or marketplaces rolled out and old model hubs were relaunched; this year will likely see more activity as service providers and technology firms jostle to serve clients. More.

How To Choose The Best Independent RIA Custodian (For You) and Financial Planning

April 5, 2018 –
Folio Institutional is also known for being a particularly tech-savvy platform, for advisors that want to be completely paperless, and have good tools to manage model portfolios, as well as those who work with smaller clientele where Folio’s ability to trade fractional shares is very appealing. More.

Many investments directly support gun manufacturers and retailers — here's how to figure out whether yours do
Business Insider

March 27, 2018 –
In an age when we want more from everything — our phones, our cars, to the foods we eat, it's no surprise that investors have begun demanding more from their investments. Beyond financial return, many investors are asking how they can better align their investments with their values. More.

Three Emerging Trends That Are Upending Our Profession
Advisor Perspectives

March 19, 2018 – Last year, Bob Veres made a number of bold predictions about how the advisory profession is evolving, and what firms are going to have to do to stay ahead of the curve. How have his predictions held up? Here are three transformations that will force every advisory firm to adapt. More.

Opinion: How financial advisers can give investors a socially conscious portfolio that works

March 19, 2018 – Two powerful and seemingly disparate forces are shaping wealth management today: technology and sustainable investing. The accelerated pace of technological change is both the most creative and most destructive force in financial services, leaving many advisers concerned about the future of their practices. More.

Digital Platforms Meet Sustainable Investing
Financial Advisor and finTEKNEWS

March 9, 2018 – The growth of ESG and impact investing have become sustainable in recent years through the convergence of ESG materiality-focused metrics with quantitative data analytics. Assuming this trend continues, FOLIOfn should be well positioned to help many more advisors and enterprises use digital investing technology to scale their business and meet clients’ needs. More.

Big Data Analysts and Intelligence in WealthTech Software
Wealth Tech Club

March 1, 2018 – Greg Vigrass, President of Folio Institutional, explained how machine learning and predictive analytics fit into the company’s offering. “… we’re building a machine-learning algorithm that we want to use to set the correct risk parameters for customers.” More.

Maybe no to crypto but yes to blockchain
The Times of Trenton

February 18, 2018 – Many tend to disregard tried-and-true investment principles, claiming they don't apply to this new world, or seemingly even common sense. Nowhere is this attitude and disregard more prevalent than in the twin-pronged area of cryptocurrency and its platform, blockchain technology. More.

Q&A with Greg Vigrass of Folio Institutional
Quovo FinServe Blog

February 15, 2018 – Quovo sat down with Greg Vigrass of Folio Institutional to get his thoughts on robo-advisors, "non-millennial millennials," and how tech can impact a firm's culture.  More.

Shining a Light on Bitcoin

January 29, 2018 – Cryptocurrencies are now center stage, as advisors grapple with the associated opportunities and risks. More.

Interview with Steven Wallman, Founder and CEO at FOLIOfn, Inc.
USA Weekly

January 20, 2018 – We have been interviewing companies from around the world to discover what challenges they are facing in their businesses. We also asked each company to share business advice they would give to a younger version of themselves. More.

Operationalizing REITS

January 2018 – Blaine McLaughlin, Chief Operating Officer at VIA Folio, explains current trends in operationalizing REITs, what RIAs should look for when selecting a custodian, insights for sponsors into what RIAs want, and more. More.

The 2018 Regulatory Texas Two-Step

January 3, 2018 – While new regulations are likely on the horizon, firms’ compliance with rules ushered in last year will spill over into the New Year. Firms, for instance, will continue to keep up with the sweeping changes to Form ADV Part 1 that became effective on Oct. 1, 2017, both David Tittsworth and Steve Wallman say. Read more.

Women Leaders In Sustainable Finance: Modeling The Future
Financial Advisor

January 2, 2018 – What excites Colleen Denzler, who is CIO (designee) of First Affirmative Financial Network and President of the SRI Conference, about this burgeoning source of information on companies is the opportunity for the industry to find quantitative and qualitative balance. “Bringing these two ways of thinking [together] will help investors and advisors understand the components of investing in SRI and how it benefits them,” she said. These collaborative firms were founded in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Read more.

Regulatory Wrangling: The Year Ahead

January 2, 2018 – Investment Advisor turned to some of the top regulatory minds to gauge the main tasks advisors and broker-dealers will be reining in after the New Year. Read more.


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