Folio Institutional Offers Investment Advisors Three Tips on Growing a Business as a Fiduciary

MCLEAN, VA, June 7, 2017 – As the financial services industry continues to debate the Fiduciary Rule, Folio Institutional offers investment advisors three tips that can help them grow their business amid increasing compliance requirements.

“Some advisors remain overwhelmed with how they will manage their business with the Fiduciary Rule,” said Greg Vigrass, president of Folio Institutional. “Our innovative brokerage, custody platform and fintech services were created to enable advisors to put investors’ needs first. Advisors that manage retirement accounts can thrive when they keep these three tips in mind.”

Tip #1: Advisors do not have to give up small retirement accounts.
“With Folio Institutional, advisors can manage costs and give small retirement accounts the same level of attention as larger ones,” Vigrass said. “Our Model Manager Exchange and fractional share technology make it possible for an advisor to effectively manage any size account. Advisors can pass along costs savings to their clients with our single, asset-based fee and commission-free window trading.”

Tip #2: Advisors’ clients care about the fiduciary rule.
“There has been so much news about the fiduciary rule, that investors today are more inclined to ask how their advisor puts their interests first,” said Vigrass. “We can help advisors proactively address questions about fees and transparency. We offer investors online access to their accounts, statements, tax documents and performance reports. Our window trading ensures that all clients automatically receive an identical price in the same trade, and advisors can use our adaptable, pre-packaged portfolios to also help reduce investment fees. Lastly, we were one of the first to offer stock, sector and SRI filters for clients that wish to invest in accordance with their values.”

Tip #3: Use technology, rather than your status as a fiduciary, to stay competitive.
Vigrass said, “Being a fiduciary is not likely to remain the competitive advantage it is now. That’s because more commission-based and hybrid firms could migrate to the fee-only RIA model to satisfy the new rule. So, while RIAs still hold the high ground, they’ll need to adapt to stay competitive. Technology can help an advisor stand out from the crowd, meet retirement account clients’ needs, be profitable, reduce complexity throughout their firm and provide the transparency the rule requires.”

“Our all-in-one platform means that advisors do not have to pay for costly third-party vendors,” added Vigrass. “Folio Institutional also offers a suite of online investing tools for advisors seeking to provide cost-effective online and in-person advice to clients with retirement accounts. We help advisors of all sizes put the money and time they might spend on vendors back into nurturing relationships, reaching prospects and cost effectively managing accounts.”

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