Folio Financial Launches to Demonstrate Direct Indexing Capabilities

MCLEAN, VA, June 19, 2019 – Folio Financial, Inc., a leading digital-first brokerage, custody and FinTech firm, today announced the launch of its direct indexing website, Direct indexing has been a dream for many – now it is a reality.

“We’re pleased that we’ve been able to enhance the technology and capabilities we’ve been building and offering in other contexts for almost two decades for those seeking to direct index,” said Dave Hagen, Folio’s Vice President of Digital Wealth. “Folio offers unique technology for delivering direct indexing in a cost-effective way to any sized client account. We’ve really breathed life into the concept.”

Using our platform, advisors build their customizable portfolios for clients, creating truly personalized investments for any account size. An advisor can use a standard index, build their own, use any of Folio’s about 160 own (and free to use) Ready-to-GoTM Folios (RTGs), some of which have an almost 20-year track record, or use third party models from selected investment managers through Folio’s proprietary Model Manager Exchange (MMX) to start and then customize, filter and weight them for particular industries, sectors, geographies, social and values-based preferences, a client’s human capital needs and more, with equal weighting at a click of a button, market cap weighting or any other weighting the advisor would like.  

The platform includes fractional share investing, virtually unlimited commission-free trading in multiple daily windows, supporting any sized account, and model-based trading for efficiency in managing hundreds or thousands of accounts at once, all with no minimums and for one low asset-based fee. It is all built with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in mind and with a complete fully-integrated advisor workstation. Advisors also can employ a wide array of tax strategies, including Folio’s patented Tax FootballTM.

Working with Folio also allows RIAs to:

  • Utilize Folio’s embedded business processes and practice management tools that power the direct indexing engine
  • Access complete, seamlessly integrated online client reporting, including brokerage statements and tax documents
  • Take advantage of online, paperless single-click proxy voting
  • Further diversify their direct indexes with alternative investments, and much more

“The technology underlying direct indexing is incredibly complex,” adds Hagen. “But in our two decades in business, we’ve built the foundation for it, and now we have brought it to market for direct indexers.”

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About Folio Financial 
Folio Financial is an innovative market leader that owns and operates a unique self-clearing broker-dealer and FinTech company. Among its activities, Folio develops and supports digital-first investment platforms for advisors and enterprises, fully integrated with its subsidiary’s brokerage, clearing and custody solutions. Folio utilizes technology to fulfill its mission while embracing diversification and low cost as core principles, along with consistent investing, tax efficiency and personalization. Its key business segments currently are RIAs, asset and wealth managers, TAMPs, other broker-dealers and financial institutions such as banks and credit unions, as well as other FinTech firms, including robo advisors. Folio’s businesses include Folio Institutional, focused on providing innovative solutions for RIAs and enterprises; VIA Folio, an end-to-end investing platform for private investments available to both institutional and retail investors; First Affirmative Financial Network, the leading advisor network serving the responsible investment community; The SRI Conference and Community, the nation’s premier conference on impact investing; and Folio Investing and FolioFirst for self-directed retail investors.

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