What is Folio Institutional? 
We are a self-clearing and third-party clearing broker-dealer, custodian and financial technology firm that provides a state-of-the-art, fully integrated investment platform, plus a host of innovative tools and functionality for advisors, other financial technology firms and financial institutions. Steven Wallman, a former commissioner with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, is the founder and CEO of Folio Financial®, Folio Institutional®'s parent company. He has spent his career advocating for low-cost, efficient technology that promotes transparency, diversification, and smarter investing overall.  

Folio Institutional® has been an innovator in financial services since 2000. Our firm supports 400+ advisory firms who manage billions of dollars in fee-based assets. We are a member of SIPC, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), and the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).

What distinguishes Folio from other custodians? 
Folio Institutional is built to meet the needs of investment professionals who care about diversification, cost-effectiveness, tax efficiencies, and the ability to customize portfolios for the long-term benefit of clients.  We have a variety of innovative and unique features, functions, and offerings such as

  • TaxFootball™
  • Advisor Connexion
  • MMX
  • Fractional-share and commission-free window-based trading system
  • Folio level portfolio management
  • Equal weighting rebalancing

As well as most of the expected functions offered by other custodians.  

What are the advantages of using Folio's platform? 

The advantages are many, and their importance to you depends on your and your clients' needs and goals.  Let's start discussing how Folio can help you grow

Who should choose Folio Institutional? 
We are ideal for TAMPs, SMA providers, traditional RIAs, advisors to retirement plans, and financial services and financial technology firms. We support firms that engage in a wide array of investing styles (also including such specialties as SRI/ESG, halal, late day fund trading, sector rotation, and themes based).  We do not, however, support high frequency trading or day trading.

How do I get started with Folio? 
It's easy. Complete this form and a Folio representative will be in contact to walk you through the functionality of our online platform. If the platform makes sense for you, and you for us, our transition support team will train you to use the platform, help you set up accounts, and transfer your clients' assets over to Folio. We frequently can have an advisor up and running on our platform in a matter of days.

What securities does Folio Institutional support? 
Folio Institutional supports most securities listed on major U.S. exchanges, including all ETFs, and most ADRs, as well as thousands of mutual funds. You can also invest in private and alternative securities—unique offerings that Folio provides to its clients.  Through relationships we have with third parties, you can buy and sell fixed-income securities and certain fee-based annuity offerings and have those securities reflected with the other securities in your clients' folio accounts.

Does Folio offer investment models? 
We provide free access to more than 100 investment models, which we call Ready-to-Go™ Folios (RTGs), professionally designed portfolios of securities. You can use these models as is or customize them as you like and manage the portfolios yourself.  Because there is no third-party portfolio manager fee, using our RTGs provides cost savings to your clients.

Can I access third-party models through the Folio platform? 
You have access to more than 400 investment models designed and managed by third parties, available on our Model Manager Exchange (MMX). You can license these models directly from the managers. You can also post your own allocation models on MMX for others to license from you.