Increase productivity, reduce costs, be competitive, and be compliant.

Save time and money with our paperless platform by opening, closing and fully managing accounts and clients all online.  Further automate operational processes with our customizable modular services to reduce the time and expense spent on administrative tasks. Let our system handle client billing, generate performance reports, and deliver client statements and tax documents.

Provide online access to client accounts 24/7. Through the client portal, which can be co-branded, clients can access statements, tax documents, and performance reports.

Be compliant by trading with our web-based tools that ensure all clients receive an identical price in the same trade, automatically with our patented, commission-free window trading. Eliminate the need for block trading, allocations, and reconciliations.  

Satisfy your clients' desire to invest in accordance with their preferences and values using our stock, sector or socially responsible investing (SRI) filters.

Manage accounts tax efficiently with our sophisticated, automated tax-optimization strategies. Easily deliver targeted results with Folio’s patented Tax FootballTM tax management tool.

Create your own tailored practice management command center with the Advisor Dashboard where you can quickly transform raw data into actionable information. Sort and filter client information to detect opportunities, identify potential problems, and optimize productivity.  Add widgets, change columns, save different views, and do much more—you're in charge. 

Enable margin borrowing on your clients’ eligible accounts to borrow money for withdrawal or securities purchases using the value of eligible securities in those accounts, at competitive rates.

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