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Folio Sightlines

The Annual SRI Conference – Well Worth Your Time

“I could write a novel detailing what I learned from The SRI Conference”

By Greg Vigrass President, Folio Institutional

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Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact (SRI) Assets Increase by 38% in Just Two Years

What’s keeping you from seizing the moment?

By Sean Kelly National Sales Manager Folio Institutional

At The 29th Annual SRI Conference, we heard from the authors of The US SIF Foundation's 2018...

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A Guest Post from George Gay....

Many Investments Directly Support Gun Manufacturers and Retailers — Here's How to Figure Out Whether Yours Do

By: George Gay

Gun manufacturers and retailers could be profiting off your investment...

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How Financial Advisors Can Give Investors a Socially Conscious Portfolio that Works

SRI funds and ETFs are increasingly in demand

By: Greg Vigrass 

Two powerful and seemingly disparate forces are shaping wealth management today: technology and sustainable investing. The accelerated...

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Enhancing Your Business with SRI and Technology

Using technology to benefit from investors’ growing interest in impact investing

By: Greg Vigrass 

Folio Institutional is a leading brokerage, custody, and financial technology company and a sponsor...

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