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  • Folio’s Digital Wealth Platform Is Now Available – What It Means for the Future of Digital Investing

Folio’s Digital Wealth Platform Is Now Available – What It Means for the Future of Digital Investing

On December 6 at the In|Vest West 2018 conference in San Francisco, we announced our latest innovation – Folio’s Digital Wealth Platform (DWP). This solution is a next generation automated investment platform that will change the way our customers do business and revolutionize our industry’s approach to digital investing.

3-devices-DWPDWP is an investment advice solution that offers the best of both worlds. It is completely digital and fully automated, yet modular and customizable, to be able to meet a wide range of our clients’ specific needs. It offers the power of a robo-advised platform, with the flexibility and access to unique perspectives that only wealth managers can provide. It is the first product on the market to accomplish this.

We believe that DWP is a game changer for several reasons. Among other benefits, this solution provides our clients with:

  • Complete Ownership of Client Relationships – No need to outsource digital advice to third-party automated providers anymore; the DWP puts total ownership of the advisory relationship back into the firm’s hands.
  • Consistent Advice Across Channels – This platform is powered by each firm’s unique advice methodology, investment strategies, capital market assumptions, and preferred investment products to ensure consistency of advice across all channels and advisors.
  • Multiple, Complex Investment Programs Packaged Up into One Solution – It allows the automated creation and management of desired investment strategies, including model-based portfolios, multi-manager programs, and highly personalized bespoke strategies.
  • Streamlined Operations – From real-time paperless onboarding and automated portfolio management to streamlined workflows and branded client communications, DWP brings complete automation of key touchpoints and operational tasks.

We created DWP because we believe that all investors should have access to the type of personalized, professional advice that traditionally has only been available to private institutions and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. By offering a digital, automated investment advice solution, we are able to offer our clients a platform that combines the strength of goal-based financial planning with sophisticated portfolio creation aligned to an investor’s values.

Creating the platform wasn’t easy. It took two decades of digital investing expertise to be able to lay the groundwork for crafting the essential building blocks for digitizing the personalized, low-cost investment experience. This is truly our best innovation yet, and we are excited to continue creating solutions that improve the lives of our clients.

For more information, please visit our website. Or, reach out to our regional sales team.