Your Vision, Our Technology

Your business has a vision for its digital wealth offering. Folio can help turn that vision into reality. Our comprehensive suite of APIs were developed as part of our fully integrated brokerage, clearing and custody solution, to help tailor your wealth management system to the needs of your business and your clients. You have complete control over the design, user interface, and features of your financial services offering, including your investment options, allowing you to own the customer journey and experience.

Access the Innovations that Made Folio an Industry Leader

Leverage Our Applications—Since 2000, we've been providing automated services like online account opening and management, model creation and management, money transfer, trading and settlement, tax management, performance reporting, and document storage and downloads.

Make It Your Own—Whether you are looking to implement a robo advisor or an advisor-directed platform, or just automate key tasks, we can help build it. Leveraging our proprietary technology and our extensive lineup of open APIs, you can replicate all the same features, functions, and benefits of the Folio platform. All with the look and feel, branding, navigation, user interface, and functionality of your own website.

Enjoy a Collaborative Partnership—We work closely with you to create your ideal digital wealth solution, from concept to build to ongoing support. Access extensive API documentation, get assistance with implementation strategy, and receive development support and training.


Current API Type

Allows you to...

 Member Services

Create, retrieve, and update information related to individual account owners and trustees

Account Service

Retrieve information related to account set-up, general account information, overall tax lot information, and account permissions and restrictions, as well as gain an understanding of account balances, transactions, and positions

Folio & Trade Service

Retrieve, create, and change folios (investment buckets), orders, and weighting, as well as update clients’ model subscriptions

Model & RTG Service

Create, update, and sync models and retrieve information related to our Ready-to-Go FoliosTM

Deposit & Withdrawal Service

Create and retrieve information related to banking, cash, and ACH services tied to your clients’ brokerage accounts

Download Service

Retrieve information related to account and tax downloads, statements, confirmations, billing notices, and various tax forms

Digital Wealth Platform APIs


New API Type

Allows you to...

Goal Controller

Obtain and update data related to client goals

Guest Controller

Gather and alter data about users who went through the questionnaire without creating an account or membership

Questionnaire Controller

Obtain and update data about clients at the questionnaire level

Result Controller

Retrieve data for specific goals from the investment questionnaire

Risk-mapping Controller

Retrieve data around the client risk portion of the questionnaire; manage scoring model based on questionnaire answers

Security Controller

Retrieve data around the securities from the investment questionnaire and define the investment universe

Social Category Controller

Retrieve and change data regarding various social categories (e.g., energy, tobacco, firearms)

Sector Controller

Retrieve and change data from the section of the investment questionnaire which allows you to customize client portfolios around sector-related considerations

A Complete Solution for Your Enterprise

With hundreds of APIs connected to some of the most innovative FinTech available, Folio makes it easy to build powerful custom solutions. We deliver innovative brokerage, custody, and FinTech services every day to more than 450 RIA firms and enterprises. We serve hundreds of thousands of investors and advisors, and we're the custodian for billions of dollars in assets.

Whatever digital wealth solution you've envisioned, we can help you build it. 

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