Folio simplifies your life and your business operations. Our turnkey, comprehensive brokerage and custody solution includes:

  • Automated account management with customizable models
    Rebalance and update an unlimited number of client accounts with just a few clicks, while customizing each client's portfolio with exclusions reflecting individual needs and preferences. 
  • Automated tax optimization tools
    Help clients realize significant savings with our powerful automated tax optimization strategies. Tax management is made easy and fast with our sophisticated tax gain and loss lot relief strategies and our patented Tax Football™ tool.
  • Model Manager Exchange
    Access hundreds of professionally managed strategies through Folio’s Model Manager Exchange, our extensive ecosystem of third-party model managers.
  • Folio Advisor Dashboard
    The Advisor Dashboard is your customizable practice management command center. Use it to review client data, discover hidden opportunities, quickly identify potential problems, and greatly improve your overall productivity.
  • Automated administrative tasks
    Use our automated processes to streamline administrative tasks. Open client accounts quickly and easily, calculate fees, manage one or more client billing plans, and generate transaction and performance reports, all online.


See How Folio Compares

Folio Institutional

Our single, asset based fee gives you a complete solution with no additional contracts to negotiate or firms to manage.


Other Firms

You pay for multiple, unrelated third-party vendors—and you have to contract for and manage them all.

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