VIA Folio, a division of Folio Investments, Inc., is a dynamic online offering where advisors and clients can review, subscribe to, and manage alternative and private investments directly in a client's Folio brokerage account. This provides additional diversification options while helping innovative companies grow, create new jobs, and benefit the economy.

VIA Folio provides:

  • The ability to create diversified portfolios that include alternative and private investments
  • Online offering document access and electronic subscription, flexible account funding options, and convenient online account services
  • Functionality that makes it possible to invest small amounts in multiple offerings
  • The ability for clients to hold alternative investments and private securities alongside traditional securities in taxable and IRA accounts
  • A platform to trade private securities, if and when they become tradeable
  • An opportunity for accredited and/or non-accredited investors, if permitted, to participate in private security and alternative investment offerings

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VIA Folio offerings may include:

  • Private company equity securities
  • Corporate debt securities
  • Community impact notes
  • Real estate securities
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • Publicly registered non-traded REITS
  • Other alternative funds

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You also may wish to visit the SEC website to learn more, and view the SEC's bulletins on accredited investors and private investing.